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What are Counselling and Psychotherapy About?

Life tends to offer us circumstances, events, and relationships that challenge our ability to manage our feelings and cope with difficult situations. At times, we find ourselves vulnerable, lost, frustrated, angry, sad or weak and struggling to find solutions on our own. This is when Insight Centre, counselling and psychotherapy, may guide your way to finding new inner resources and coping strategies, mediate your relationships and contribute to self-awareness and resiliency.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is deeply rooted in the client-centred paradigm that celebrates the client’s autonomy, strength-based approach, and welcoming each client where they are at in their life journey’s challenges. The empathetic and attentive counselling creates a safe space for our clients to share their struggles and receive professional assistance with their therapeutic goals.

What We Do

If you are looking for a safe and confidential space to open up, a gentle and professional consideration of your situation, and effective therapeutic interventions, our centre is the right place!

We offer professional counselling and psychotherapy services for individuals, couples, children, youth, and families.  Virtual and in-person appointments are available for your convenience.

Insight Centre – the place for your inner discoveries and transformation!

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How Psychotherapy can help clients:

Psychotherapy is a complex of interventions that allow clients to realize the underlying issues of their mental health problems and undertake necessary changes for their improvement.

The therapist will create a safe and compassionate atmosphere in the sessions that will allow your child to freely express their feelings and thoughts. Using creative strategies, a therapist will facilitate change by teaching your child how to communicate their feelings and needs and use coping strategies to deal with strong feelings like anxiety, anger, etc.

In the couples’ sessions, a therapist will assess the main factors contributing to marriage unwellness. Based on this assessment and the presented couples’ requests, a therapist will offer specific interventions in collaboration with clients that would allow them to improve their relationships. As a result, the therapy partners may develop better communication skills, conflict resolution skills, and emotional regulation, and enhance overall relationship dynamics.

 In cases of infidelity between spouses, the work is focused on trust restoration, overcoming a crisis, and reorganizing relationships to prevent relapse.

During family therapy, with a therapist’s help, you can examine your family’s ability to resolve issues and express thoughts and feelings in a healthy and effective manner. You can also explore family roles, rules, behaviour patterns, and family dynamics that contribute to problems. Also, you will explore the ways to work through these issues with your family.

Psychotherapy is a unique professional relationship with a therapist, through which the therapist applies a complex of specific therapeutic interventions. In cooperation with a client, these interventions promote clients’ improvement of dysfunctional psychological conditions, behavioural issues, and painful emotional states such as trauma, grief, depression, anxiety, etc.

Using various modalities, psychotherapists use specific techniques to resolve practical emotional, cognitive, or behavioural issues of their clients. On the other hand, psychologists are mainly focused on the theoretical and scientific side of psychological science. 

A variety of psychological problems can be treated with psychotherapy, such as individual emotional, cognitive, and behavioural concerns in adults and children; marital relationship dysfunction; family dynamics issues; addictions, and many more.

There is no need for a referral to book an appointment with a psychotherapist in Ontario. 

  1. To have a safe and not judgmental space and a professional companion to talk about your emotional concerns and needs.
  2. To gain awareness about the underlying reasons for your emotional, cognitive and behavioural issues.
  3. To obtain knowledge about coping strategies you can use to deal with your psychological concerns.
  4. To receive therapeutic interventions that would promote a resolution of your psychological problems
  5. To gain skills to prevent similar dysfunctions in future.